тнεяε ιs sσ мυcн тσ кησω αвσυт тнε нυмαη мιη∂. εαcн мιη∂ ιs sσ ∂ιғғεяεηт, ιт ωσυℓ∂ тαкε мιℓℓισηs σғ үεαяs тσ ℓεαяη εvεяүтнιηg.

☾Indie Multi-Muse Roleplay Blog

☾Over five muses to choose from, all female.

☾Most OCs do not pertain to a certain fandom

☾Fandom OCs include such as Soul Eater, Madoka Magica, ABC’s Resurrection Mekakucity Actors and more

☾Mun has 6+ years of roleplaying experience 

☾OC, AU, All fandom and multiverse friendly

☾Will do paraplay, oneliners, crack, fluff, smut, violence, gore & more

☾Friendly mun, super open to almost anything! 

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Posted on Aug 02

Send me “Care to join me?” and I’ll generate a number and my character will react to yours asking them to join them in…


Mix of fluff, angst, and NSFW.


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Posted on Jul 16

"Hey, Amelia! Want to hear my ukulele playing?"


*Horrid Ukulele Ensues*


Posted on Jul 16

[[1968 YEAR OF THE TWERK. ]]

Posted on Jul 16

Special Ask Event Featuring penelope-the-fempyro


((Today, I have the special honor to spend the day with Penny-mun, and since we love you guys, we’re opening the askbox on this blog - and this blog only - and we’ll be answering questions and stuff in our cosplays. So, feel free to shoot us asks and stuff and we’ll keep this going for as long as we can. =3))

Posted on Jul 16

[[Yes it is! Thank you bae <3 ]]

Posted on Jul 16

"It used to burn my skin, leaving scars too hot to touch. Now I can’t even feel the fire hurting me." 

Penelope Anne Maxwell, Age 27, Pyro for Team Fortress Industries. 

Posted on Jul 16

"I can’t risk having my heart broken again. From this point on, everything I do is strictly professional."

Amelia Rosaline Mundy, age 28, Sniper for Reliable Excavation Demolition.

Copious Plethoras

My new blog. A multi-OC blog, currenlty the only muse is a Soul Eater OC. Follow me and make me happy.

Posted on Jul 15